IT Solution

In order to reach the correct decision about the package that suits your requirements, we need to give you an overview about the Technologies used and the methods we follow to combine them. The technologies are classified into two categories as shown below. If you are interested to know more, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

AJAX / JavaScript:

Certain Projects like online shops need to change data frequently, normally the browser would reload the whole page to accomplish this. But with AJAX, a framework using JavaScript, we can change the content without reloading the page. JavaScript allows adding interactivity to a webpage, drag and drop and other cool options.

Database (SQL):

If you wish to have a dynamic content and data that has to be permanently read and altered, then a database is the right technology to use. It allows clear arrangement of data in addition to fast access from the webpage. This Technology is usually needed if you have much information or products to show or process.


Flash is a technology provided from Adobe systems. It permits us to add interactive simulations
and even small programs to WebPages. You can include well integrated sound and
videos into your Homepage. Our designers can do anything you imagine using
flash, so just contact us and find out how attractive your homepage can be!

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